Ozone treatment

Ozone treatment has an unlimited range of application, it is invaluable in the industry, services, and in households. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent; therefore, it is useful in deodorization, disinfection and disinfestation, applied in gaseous form. Deodorization - removal of unpleasant odors involves not only temporary masking but rather permanent removal of unwanted smells.

Ozone treatment is appreciated in the hotel and food service industries. It removes unpleasant odors of must, sweat, cigarette smoke, or kitchen odors. Improvement of air quality at food processing plants through removing odors from cold rooms and cooling chambers, carrying freezers and fermentation tanks in the brewing industry. Ozone treatment of food carrying vehicles improves product safety in transport. All the available chemicals have odor masking properties, ozone treatment is the only effective way to eliminate burning smell, also in burnt rooms. Only the ozone process guarantees almost 100% effect.

Ozone successfully destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Ozone cleaning of premises significantly reduces disease spreading.


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