Conveyor cleaning

KOGA equipment kit for conveyor belt cleaning (patent no. P.405431)

Advanced sanitation standards at a food processing plant are of crucial importance for the manufactured product. If you neglect hygiene of production equipment and lines, site-specific contaminants may become perfect media for microorganisms and may lead to product contamination.

A lot of time and money spent on machine downtime as a result of traditional cleaning. Quitting the traditional washing methods and choosing the KOGA SOLUTION instead will give you a guarantee of maintaining necessary hygiene and uninterrupted service of your machines. Conveyor belts are a source of microorganisms. Interiors of conveyors are particularly prone to gather contaminants; this is a convenient place for formation of biofilm, i.e. aggregated microorganism sites. These may also develop on such materials as metal, plastic or glass.

See the first patent-protected belt conveyor washing technology solution in Poland

The KOGA Solution technology guarantees:

  • outstanding quality of conveyor equipment cleaning, without the need to dismantle the structure
  • evenly washed conveyors across the whole length of the belt, side guides and slides, whether on straight or curved sections, downwards and upwards
  • easy installation and handling
  • low costs of cleaning compared to traditional washing methods
  • washing conveyor belts using high temperature without chemicals
  • protection from airborne bacteria and fungi propagation
  • minimized working time and personnel resources
  • major improvement in work safety

inne usługi What is the concept behind KOGA Solution?

Process openings are made in the conveyor to install a guide, in which a set of pressure nozzles will be inserted, according to the type and width of your belt conveyor. The set comprises necessary fixtures for smooth washing of conveyor inside walls, upper and lower slide section.

Cleaning requires use of a high pressure device with heated water. Spraying method can be used for disinfection or lubrication if necessary. Observation of conveyor cleaning with the traditional methods shows that they fail to provide satisfactory quality and efficiency of the washing process, or adequate rate and quantity of conveyor belts washed during production line downtime.

KOGA technology responds to today's need to improve quality and efficiency, therefore lowering equipment maintenance costs and strongly improving work safety. Another major advantage of the presented technology is the shorter downtime of machinery for maintenance purposes. The washing method employing the KOGA technology is environmentally friendly, does not involve chemicals, and the use of pressurized equipment with water at up to 80°C guarantees perfect cleaning and disinfection in the shortest possible time, without unnecessary downtime of your production plant. Guaranteed sterile conditions of the manufacturing process are of enormous importance for the quality of manufactured goods and therefore for the number of complaints, returns and related costs.


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